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Use Step-down Spending to Meet Your Loan Payments - BC Loans

The Step-down Approach

If you want to meet the costs of a short-term loan, then you may want to take a step down. In other words, use step-down spending in order to reduce and balance your household budget. Budgeting of this type allows you to decrease costs in one of a number ways. You can either choose to make reductions on the essentials or elect to decrease the costs that are more ancillary.  

You Can Still Enjoy Eating Out, But at a More Affordable Cost

The whole idea of the process is to reduce your spending in such a way so you don’t end up feeling deprived. For example, you can still eat out, enjoy a movie, or work out according to your budgetary needs.  

Reducing the Costs of Clothes

  For example, if you are trying to reduce your clothing costs, you can either opt to buy sale items at a department store or choose to purchase apparel at a retail outlet. You might also limit your clothing allowance or choose to shop less frequently.  

Decreasing the Costs of Eating Out

  When it comes to eating out, you might elect to eat out less often or to go to restaurants that are less expensive. You can also avoid additional expenses by not ordering an appetizer or by drinking water instead of a beverage. Also, the lunch menu usually features lower prices than menus at dinnertime.
Use Step-down Spending to Meet Your Loan Payments - BC Loans

Use Step-down Spending to Meet Your Loan Payments – BC Loans

Reducing Your Car Expense

  If you are paying too much on your car, the step-down approach can lead you to buy a less expensive car or to car pool to work. You might consider reviewing your current insurance coverage as well to find a lower-cost option. Combining trips when you are driving can also help in reducing the cost of gas.  

Budgeting for Cable

  If your cable costs are too high, look at other providers or watch only one TV. Cut the number of channels to which you subscribe or cancel the cable plan.  

Taking Steps to Lessen Your Phone Expense

  If your mobile phone bill is costing too much, consider making some reductions in the overall plan and think of what you really don’t need. Look at how much you are spending for data, texting, and minutes. Selecting a new provider can also help cut costs or buying a less expensive phone might provide a solution too.  

Step Down to Step Up

  If you have to take out a payday loan, for example, you’ll be better able to determine the best way to cut expenses so you can quickly pay it back. Use the step-down-method to step up financially with regards to your cash outlay and credit rating. By using this technique, you’ll be more cognizant about meeting your obligations and bolstering your credit score.