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Gather the Necessary DocumentationIf you find a credit report error on your credit history, then you will need to take specific steps in order to correct or remove the mistake from your record. In order to support you complaint, you will need to gather the proper documents, statements and receipts that are associated with your claim. Make sure then that you have all the paperwork for the account that is needed to prove your case. Contact the CRAsNext, you will need to contact the main CRAs, or TransUnion and Equifax. Use their specific forms for updating your credit information and noting the errors. Also, understand that before a CRA can make a change, they first must check the claim with the furnisher of the credit or lending institution. Making a CorrectionIf a lender concurs that a mistake was made, the agency will make the correction and update your history. However, if the credit issuer or furnisher does not agree with the claim, nothing will be done.If the file is made current, some provinces require that the CRA send a revised version of your history to any creditor or lender who reviewed the report in the near recent past. Contact the Credit Issuer YourselfYou may be able to get faster results for your claim by contacting the credit issuer or lender directly about the mistake. Ask the furnisher to confirm his files and supply the CRA with the correct or updated details. How to Handle a Complaint that Was Not ResolvedIf you contact the CRA or a lender about your dispute but do not feel that it has been resolved, ask to speak to someone higher up in the CRA or lending institution. If the lender is federally regulated, ask for details on handling the complaint. The FCAC (Financial Consumer Agency of Canada) can usually assist you in this respect. Check out the organization’s website address. An online tool is featured on the platform that assists consumers with complaints. You may also want to include a statement in your defense. Supply the details of your dispute in a 100-word statement (or 200 words if you live in Saskatchewan). Adding the statement can influence the decisions of lenders who review your history at a later time. Should you feel a CRA was remiss in how it handled your complaint, you can submit a complaint in writing to the consumer affairs office in the territory or province in which you reside.